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The Maligned Majority: German auxiliary troops in the British Army during the Flanders Campaign 1793-5

Paul Demet joins me to unleash a wealth of knowledge about the German auxiliaries who not only made up the bulk of the Duke of York's army during the Flanders campaign, but were badly treated and unfairly blamed for the campaign's failings. Listen to the end of the episode for an exclusive discount on Paul's fascinating book on this topic 'We are accustomed to do our duty', available here: We Are Accustomed to Do Our Duty | From Reason to Revolution 1721-1815 | Helion & Company Twitter: @zwhitehistory You can support this content & get exclusive perks at:  Tips also appreciated:

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Covering all things French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars, and presented by 'the baby-faced Napoleon Nerd' (Zack White), this podcast offers a rich array of interviews, narratives and opinion pieces on a vast range of topics from the period 1789-1815 and beyond. Ideal for specialists and newcomers to the period alike. You can support this content & get exclusive perks at: Tips also appreciated: Bookstore: