Are You A SELF Abandoning Codependent?

To become your own rescuer is the ultimate gift you can give yourself. In this episode, I'll share my personal experience of realizing this truth during my own healing journey. I’m sure that if I had known this earlier, my healing process would have been much quicker. What you will learn in this episode: •    The importance of rescuing yourself and taking control of your own happiness. •    The negative consequences of solely relying on others to fulfill your happiness and sense of self-worth. •    How to empower yourself and prioritise self-love and care I'll delve into how putting my happiness into the hands of others for decades led to a loss of self-worth. While helping and being kind to others absolutely brings me joy, I've come to understand that my own happiness cannot solely depend on the actions of others. My desire to please others had built up anger and resentment inside me, which is common in narcissistic relationships. I hope this episode serves as a catalyst in your own healing journey, guiding you towards realizing the importance of rescuing yourself. Resources: •    Join my FREE Facebook group at •    Access my low cost Narcissistic Trauma Recovery Programme •    Connect with me on Instagram: •    Find me on TikTok!:  •    My website:

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The Narcissistic Abuse & Trauma Recovery Podcast is to help women thrive after the devastating effects from the trauma of narcissistic abuse. Hosted by Caroline Strawson, best-selling author, speaker and award-winning Trauma Therapist & Coach and founder of the #1 Trauma Informed Narcissistic Trauma Recovery Programme using a unique integration of tools such as Internal Family Systems, Brainspotting, Somatic Experiencing, EMDR, Hypnotherapy, Breath Work & Positive Psychology to help you move form Post Traumatic Stress To Post Traumatic Growth. The podcast is your safe space for support, education and awareness around gaslighting, trauma bonds, codependency, complex PTSD and surviving narcissistic abuse to thrive and flourish. This is your safe space where we understand anger, toxicity and the guilt you can feel from the narcissist and this podcast is designed to take you from trauma, struggle and pain to transformation, purpose & strength. You are not alone and we heal together.