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NPP 013 : David Andersson – Going Beyond Your Personal Thinking

av The New Paradigm Podcast – Morten Hake and The New Paradigm Podcast | Publicerades 11/15/2014

In this episode of the New Paradigm Podcast, we got coach and teacher David Andersson on the call! David is a mutual friend of Eirik Grunde Olsen from the 7th episode. We've been friends on Facebook for a while exploring each other's content and getting to know one another. I pretty fast realised I had to invite him to the podcast. David runs his business from David continues to go deeper in his own understanding of how we function as human beings and to share this with his tribe. In this episode we talk about... *David's story about how he missed his own event *Going beyond your personal thinking *Goal setting *Human connection, and how we tend to create hinders that really aren't there from the get go *Simplifying project with a clear mind *"The intelligence-dance" *Oh, and we talk about how I use my whiteboard to generate great bulletproof ideas

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If you have ever explored the ways of personal growth, lifestyle-design or just how to achieve a greater sense of well-being, clarity and confidence - you might find yourself running wild on the hamster-wheel looking for something that's just out of sight. It's almost like you are growing as a person, but you're never really there. The New Paradigm Podcast introduces a new way of viewing the world that clears away the mental clutter and lack of clarity, to leave space for new insights, new fresh thinking, and a completely different experience of life. Tune in and Enjoy!