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NPP 018 : Kjetil Haugmo – Understanding human nature and why we behave as we do

av The New Paradigm Podcast – Morten Hake and The New Paradigm Podcast | Publicerades 6/21/2015

Kjetil has had a leading role in the personal development community in Norway for a decade, and recently spoke at the Elevate Summit, sharing stage with Michael Neill and Mara Gleason, both living legends in the three principles community. Kjetil found himself having to call his mom from prison to tell her he wasn’t coming home for a while… after being caught selling drugs and ending up in jail, Kjetil thought in many ways that his life was ruined. That he was broken. Growing up as an insecure kid, and then ending up in prison, Kjetil’s experienced life as pretty hopeless. Doing time gives time to reflect, and Kjetil decided to do everything he could to learn how he could become the best version of himself. Like so many of us, Kjetil thought he could find the perfect way, the perfect strategy, method or technique to DO in order to become the best version of himself. And while recognising that all of these strategies and applications did change him in a way, there was always a feeling that he needed more. More techniques, more tools, more of everything. “When I learn THIS, then I’ll be great. Then it’ll all be OK.” Sounds familiar?

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