Could the weirdest ever by-election be won by George Galloway?

Keir Starmer insists he took "decisive action" by suspending the Rochdale candidate Azhar Ali from the Labour party. Should it have come quicker? How damaging has it been to the wider party? And what on earth is going to happen in what's fast becoming the weirdest by election in modern history - with not one but three former Labour candidates. Later, we look at Rafah, in Gaza - now bracing itself for a ground incursion from an Israeli government that seems hell-bent on finishing a military mission. What does it take to get Netanyahu to stop? Will the US cease selling him weapons? And how does this sit alongside international negotiations for a prolonged ceasefire. Editor: Tom HughesSenior Producer: Gabriel RadusProducer: Laura FitzPatrickSocial Media Editor: Georgia FoxwellVideo Production: Shane Fennelly & Arvind BadewalYou can listen to this episode on Alexa - just say "Alexa, ask Global Player to play The News Agents".The News Agents is brought to you by HSBC UK -, The News Agents now have merch! To get yours, head to:

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