Who are the “Evil Plotters” trying to destroy Rishi Sunak?

Last weekend the Business Secretary Kemi Badenoch made clear - in her trademark no nonsense style - that she wished all those trying to plot against and undermine Rishi Sunak would shut up and go away. In unrelated news, the Guardian revealed last night she's part of a Whatsapp group called.... The Evil Plotters. Are the rumblings of Prime Ministerial removal getting louder? Is policy being dictated by those he fears? And what to make of the IMF warning his chancellor NOT to cut taxes at the next election because our public services can;t afford it? Later, we look at the power sharing deal in Northern Ireland - could this be Rishi's legacy? And we ask whether Laurence Fox, who lost his libel case at the High Court, can or cannot be called 'a racist'.We approached Mr Fox for comment and he had nothing to add.Editor: Tom HughesSenior Producer: Gabriel RadusProducer: Laura FitzPatrickSocial Media Editor: Georgia FoxwellVideo Production: Shane Fennelly & Arvind BadewalYou can listen to this episode on Alexa - just say "Alexa, ask Global Player to play The News Agents".The News Agents is brought to you by HSBC UK - https://www.hsbc.co.uk/And, The News Agents now have merch! To get yours, head to: https://store.global.com/collections/the-news-agents

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