Why can't the West stop Putin's killings?

Alexei Navalny's widow Yulia has laid the blame for her husband's murder directly with Putin. Few world leaders seem to disagree. There is much grave talk of 'consequences' and 'action'. But what does that really mean? Short of Putin losing the Ukraine war, what would really hurt him enough to stop him murdering?We talk to hugely influential Putin critic Bill Browder who tells us who the 'next Navalny' will be if we don't act now. Later, why is Kemi Badenoch calling the former chairman of the Post Office a liar? Henry Staunton has stood by his allegations that the government was dragging its feet on Post Office compensation payouts ahead of the election. Is she really going to go to war over this?Editor: Tom HughesSenior Producer: Gabriel RadusProducer: Laura FitzPatrickSocial Media Editor: Rory SymonVideo Production: Shane Fennelly & Arvind BadewalYou can listen to this episode on Alexa - just say "Alexa, ask Global Player to play The News Agents".The News Agents is brought to you by HSBC UK - https://www.hsbc.co.uk/And, The News Agents now have merch! To get yours, head to: https://store.global.com/collections/the-news-agents

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