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Episode 2. Backstage with: Samantha Jones

av The Next GenCast | Publicerades 5/25/2020

In this episode we go backstage with Samantha Jones.Sam started her NHS career as a nurse, before climbing the management ranks to eventually become Chief Executive of 2 hospital trusts. She went on to become the Director of the New Care Models programme at NHS England, leading on the implementation of the new care models outlined in the NHS Five Year Forward View. This included launching 50 vanguards to take the lead developing new care models to act as the blueprints for the NHS.Following a period of working independently across a range of private organisations and institutions, in January 2019, Sam was appointed as CEO/President of Centene UK to lead the UK’s strategy aimed at enabling and supporting integrated care across the UK.In this episode, we had a frank conversation with Sam about her experience in these roles, and also got some great advice about managing an amazing career alongside bringing up a young family.*Further highlights:Experience of working at NHS England (4 mins)Learning from implementing the new models of care (11 mins)Traits of effective leaders (13 mins)Managing the imposter syndrome (14 mins)The role of coaching (16 mins)Work life balance (19.5 mins)A book she recommends (see links below) (25 mins)Sam's top pieces of advice for new leaders (26.5 mins)*ResourcesLeaflet on work life balance which Sam helped to curate from leaders across health and social careRecommended book: Team of Teams, by Stanley McChrystalDesert Island Discs with Heather RabbattsGreat advice: Everybody's free to wear sunscreen*Social media:@SamanthaJonesUK@NextGGPYou can find more podcast episodes, webinars, and sign up to our monthly bulletin on our website. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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