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Episode 4. Backstage with: Sir Bruce Keogh

av The Next GenCast | Publicerades 7/8/2020

In this episode we go backstage with the formidable Professor Sir Bruce Keogh.Sir Bruce is currently Chair of Birmingham Women's and Children's Hospital, after leaving his position as NHS England’s National Medical Director where he was responsible for clinical leadership, quality and innovation for 10 years.Before this he enjoyed a distinguished career in surgery, working as a consultant cardiac surgeon at University Hospitals Birmingham before becoming Director of Surgery at the Heart Hospital and Professor of Cardiac Surgery at University College London. In this episode, Bruce talks about the highs and lows of his journey to becoming Medical Director of the NHS, including:*Highlights:Growing up in Zimbabwe and trying to get into medical school (4 mins)Applying for the NMD role (12.5 mins)Imposter syndrome (16 mins)Dealing with politicians (18.5 mins)Handling criticism, especially over the junior doctors' strike (23 mins)Achievements in his role as medical director (28 mins)Leaving NHS England (36 mins)The qualities of a good leader (39.5 mins)Leaders he admires and why (42 mins)His top advice for new GP leaders (43.5 mins)*Social media:@DrBruceKeogh@NextGGP*Subscribe to our monthly bulletin: See for privacy and opt-out information.

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