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Episode 8. Backstage with: Nick Harding

av The Next GenCast | Publicerades 10/1/2020

This conversation is with Prof Nick Harding, Chief Medical Officer for Operose Health.Nick has worked as a GP in inner-city Birmingham for more than 20 years, and was a founding partner of the Modality super-partnership. He was Chair of Sandwell and West Birmingham CCG, and has held a number of national roles including Senior Clinical Advisor to NHS England.Nick has also found time to set up some incredible health projects in Malawi, and was recognised with an OBE in June 2015 for services to primary care.He'll be familiar to you if you've been part of Next Gen, because Nick has championed everything we've been doing since we started over 3 years ago and has spoken at more than 40 programmes about his leadership journey. In this episode we dig a bit deeper, and explore his thoughts on lockdown, leadership, and the future of general practice....*Highlights:Coping with Covid (7 mins)Perspective on the future (11.5 mins)Leading virtually (14 mins)His new role at Operose Health (16.5 mins)Balancing leadership and clinical work early in one's career (19 mins)FOMO (25 mins)Perserverance (30 mins)Hope for the future (32 mins)Final 3 questions- recommended resources, a leader he admires, and top 3 bits of advice (36 mins)*Resources:The 'window of tolerance' model he mentions at 8 minsThe Stockdale ParadoxA leader he admires- Sir Bruce Keogh- and the Next GenCast we recorded with himSimon Sinek's new podcast he recommendsNick's recent Next Gen GP webinar with Oliver Nyumbu on 'Leadership in time of Uncertainty and Crisis' *Social media:@NickJHarding@NextGGP*Subscribe to our monthly bulletin for further webinars, podcast episodes, and programme updates: See for privacy and opt-out information.

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