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#258: At Home At The Movies: Our Top 5 Films of 2020

av The Next Picture Show | Publicerades 12/29/2020

As we say goodbye to a moviegoing year like none other, we go off-format this week for a year-end discussion about what it meant to go to the movies — or not, as the case may be — in a pandemic year that’s still in the midst of upending the theatrical experience as we’ve known it. We also share our hopes for our filmgoing futures; look for some glimpses of a silver lining amid the havoc 2020 has wreaked on the industry; and welcome some special guests to share their under-the-radar favorites of the year. Then, we collectively grit our teeth and present our individual Top 5 films of the year lists, despite everyone but Scott’s reluctance to commit to a ranked list in a year when there was so much we missed… and yet we still manage to find some consensus picks for the best of this remarkable year for movies. Please share your comments, thoughts, and questions about this year, or any year, in film by sending an email to comments@nextpictureshow.net, or leaving a short voicemail at (773) 234-9730.  Outro Music: New Pornographers, “Twin Cinema” Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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