Ep 43: Joshua Schechter, Director of Cognitive Delivery and Implementation at Amelia, an IPSoft Company

Our guest this week is Joshua Schechter (shek-ter), Director of Cognitive Delivery and Implementation for Amelia, the Most Human AI along with additional products such as the Amelia Hyper Automation Platform introduced in 2018 for true end-to-end, enterprise-wide automation. He is passionate about bringing “Conversational AI” to the world, believing it is the foundation for the future state of work and will help usher in the next industrial revolution. Josh has been leading the implementation teams at Amelia for the past 4 years and has worked with many Fortune 100 enterprises. Visit Amelia.ai: https://amelia.ai/podcast/the-next-wave-podcast-joshua-schechter-director-of-cognitive-delivery-and-implementation-at-amelia/

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