Ep 51: Matt Johnson, CEO of QC Ware, on Quantum Computing

This week we have as our guest Matt Johnson, CEO and Co-founder of QC Ware. QC Ware focuses on Enterprise Software and Services for Quantum Computing with offices in Palo Alto and Paris, and soon, Tokyo. With one of the largest teams of quantum algorithm experts QC Ware strives to make quantum computing easily accessible by classically-trained data scientists and to offer performance speed-ups on near term hardware. Enterprise customers include Airbus, BMW Group, Goldman Sachs, Roche, and Total. Partners include AWS, D-Wave, IBM Quantum Computing, IonQ, Microsoft, and Rigetti. Matt as CEO of QC Ware also started and hosts annually the industry conference for Quantum Computing, Q2B, which happens every December, and each year includes the top industry and academic speakers and companies, including theoretical computer scientist Scott Aarronson, based at UT Austin, and John Preskill, Richard P. Feynman Professor of Theoretical Physics at the California Institute of Technology, who coined the term Quantum Supremacy. Register here for the Q2B conference, happening in-person at the Santa Clara Convention Center December 7-9, 2021: https://q2b.qcware.com/Matt is extremely impressive with a very diverse background - he was formerly a partner at Apollo Management based in London and prior to that a managing director at Credit Suisse. Matt holds a BS from the US Air Force Academy and an MBA from Wharton. He also completed a solo crossing of the English Channel and remains an avid swimmer. 

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