Ep 58: News Roundup (Feb 8) - SpaceX Tonga, Meta Updates, Trouble in Cryptoland, Cyber & Ground Warfare, Net Neutrality

This week we have a slightly delayed news update covering various topics: SpaceX helps Tonga restore internet after a massive volcano eruption; various Meta Updates including the official end of its Libra/Diem crypto project, threats to shutter EU ops; Trouble in Cryptoland as $3.6B of Bitcoin was seized by the DoJ related to the Bitfinex hack,  a $320M cross-chain hack between Ethereum and Solana, and the launch of OpenCBDC; Cyber Warfare and the NSO Group; California Net Neutrality laws upheld on appeal, and much more!Stay tuned for Episode 59 next week when we're joined by Oxford PhD, Dr. Merritt Moore, a quantum physicist, professional ballerina, future astronaut-in-training, who is currently doing groundbreaking research in AI and robotics - catch a sneak peak on YouTube. And Episode 60 the following week with our first return guest: Fatema Hamdani from Episode 6, Co-Founder & CEO of Kraus Hamdani Aerospace, which is a finalist for an Edison Award this coming April for their K1000ULE Unmanned Aerial System, a zero emissions drone that flies longer than any other electric aircraft in its size and weight category.

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