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Untimely Reflections #2: Matt Hazelwood - The Technocratic Revolution

This time, I'm speaking with Matt Hazelwood. He is the co-host of the political podcast Beyond Talking Points, and also hosts his own podcast called The Philosopher's Guide to the Apocalypse. In this conversation, we talk about nationalism versus internationalism, how global economic forces have rendered the individual irrelevant, the prospect of Balkanizing the United States, political polarization, the Bronze Age Collapse, the French Revolution, and the unlikelihood of revolutions happening today. We're both weary of the technocratic revolution in governance that had taken hold in Western nation-states, and wonder whether a more localistic society and economy can even survive going forward. Beyond Talking Points: The Philosopher's Guide to the Apocalypse: NOTE: Please excuse my own audio quality on this particular episode. I didn't think it was too terrible to release, but it is a marked decline from my solo episodes, a problem I'm still working on fixing. I tried a new way of recording this time, and I unfortunately seem to have had some settings on that quashed my vocal quality down. Hopefully it's not too distracting and the conversation is interesting enough for you to stick through it. 

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