Enough Of The Rumors, Already!

The Nintendo Entertainment Podcast is here! And despite the rumors coming from every corner of the internet, the team will keep it together! But first! The team discusses what they have been playing. Faith returns to talk about Pokemon and not Palworld! As for Todd, he's been enjoying the Apollo Justice Trilogy and is enjoying the remaster so far! As for Will, he's been diving into Persona 3 Reload and the demo for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth! Scott has also enjoyed the Rebirth demo, Granblue Fantasy, and more! Then, in the news, the team breaks down the big sales data for the Switch and its games! Then, there are MORE Switch Successor rumors...and Nintendo Direct rumors...and SEGA rumors about the Switch Successor!!! Make it stop!!!! Additionally, Square Enix has "new thoughts" on the gaming industry, Octopath Traveler's dev has been bought, Smash Bros will get Pokemon spirits soon, and more! Finally, in the main event, Palworld returns to trigger the idea of "evolution" and whether it's better to have many evolutions, or not. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast!

Om Podcasten

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