Episode 368 - Pricey Peaches

The Nintendo Entertainment Podcast is here! And the trio of Nintendo kings will have fun talking about the Switch's birthday and beyond! But first, the team discusses their gaming exploits. Todd hasn't had much time to game, but he still enjoyed the Apollo Justice Trilogy when he could. As for Will, he's continued to enjoy Persona 3 Reload and has FINALLY got his copy of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth! As for Scott, he vents about Skull & Bones and talks Rebirth! Then, in the news, the team talk about the potential for Mario Day, as well as revisiting their Pokemon Legends ZA discussion! Additionally, they'll talk about Octopath Traveler, Unicorn Overlord, the Princess Peach Showtime demo, and more! Finally, in the main event, the team celebrate the potential final birthday for the Nintendo Switch! So sit back, relax, and enjoy the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast!

Om Podcasten

The Outerhaven's official Nintendo related Podcast. You like Nintendo, well so do we and you're going to hear about all things Nintendo.