What Is Nonduality? - Part 1 - Awakening Explained

The Nonduality Podcast with Paul Dobson and Nondual Therapist Nic Higham. Nic Higham, nondual therapy: https://nisargayoga.org To realise the natural state of non-separation, we need to earnestly question the duality we take for granted and be receptive to the wordless truth that remains. When we’ve had enough of our suffering to have realized the usual fixes don’t work and become sincerely curious about other possibilities, we can’t help but open our eyes to wholeness. When we find the courage to be the effortless 'letting go' and live in natural harmony with 'what is', we go beyond the need for routes, maps, and guides and realise that we’ve been searching for home within home. We wake up to the reality that duality is in imagination only and wholeness is actual. All we’re ever searching for is Self-intimacy. We want to encounter ourselves wholeheartedly and relax deeply into our being. Once we know that we are the world and that the world springs from our consciousness, we are simultaneously liberated from desire and fear and become entirely responsible for every manifestation and event. We must remain undefended to touch the unknown, to open to wonder, and abide our suffering and angst—to expand our existential vision and permit our extensiveness. This is the art of living the life that we are is. When we have the courage to be unified with the “isness” of this moment, to be with whatever comes, we might discern that life—our radical aloneness—however different it is from our beliefs and expectations. Explore your sense of aliveness with mindfulness and you’ll sooner or later notice that your observing core is much vaster than you assumed; it’s as encompassing as the space within and around everything.  Past guests include Rupert Spira, Jeff Foster, John Astin, Randall Friend, Colette Davie. Music by Scott Buckley - https://www.scottbuckley.com.au/library/

Om Podcasten

In this enlightening yet accessible podcast, Paul Dobson and author and nondual therapist Nic Higham explore the truth of Nonduality. Join Paul and Nic’s real-time exploration of life beyond the illusion of separateness. They ask: ‘Who am I? What is the nature of our experience? What is self-inquiry? What is meditation?’ Inquire into the present moment and drop your false ideas. Past guests include Rupert Spira, Jeff Foster, John Astin, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Randall Friend. http://www.nisargayoga.com