Chris Porter – Part 1

Mountain bikes have evolved tremendously in the last five years but before then, media and marketing had already nudged the term longer, lower, slacker beyond the edge of being a cliché. The alarmingly incremental progress made to bike shapes is at least partly to blame for the term being worn thin.During this time one person, in particular, established a name for themselves, and a company to serve riders interested in leaping ahead. Chris Porter is better known today for what was a unique approach to bike shape, one that’s slowly becoming more mainstream with each model year. And whether or not you find yourself agreeing with his thoughts, they at least tickle the mind. But who is Chris Porter? Where is he from? What led him down the path to the current day, one where some have labelled him the godfather of modern mountain bike geometry. For years, his thought-provoking ideas on mountain bikes have challenged what people believe to be right, and I wanted to know more about where those ideas stem from? Chris is immensely passionate about riding on two wheels, whether a motorcycle or mountain bike, which is clear when listening to him share some of his experiences – genuine emotion can be heard in his voice. That love, coupled with a desire to improve the experience is a large part of what drives him. While this episode, the first of two planned with Chris was primarily to discuss his background, there is some discussion on the technical aspects of mountain bikes in the latter half. We'll be connecting again shortly to dive deeper into some of these topics and poke the industry bear a little too.

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