Kasper Woolley – Coming of Age

Our guest for the latest NSMB Podcast and the first of our Coming of Age series is Kasper Woolley, a young and fast EWS athlete now racing for the Yeti/OneUp Pro EWS team who hails from Squamish, B.C. Kasper first caught the eye of brands as a young junior, after his stage results at a local race were faster than the pro men. Since then, Kasper has grown stronger on the bike and in 2020 made heaps of noise showcasing his speed and cornering skills in a series of short videos. His talent and hard work paid off during the 2020 Crankworx Summer Series, where he was a regular on the podium and the top Canadian EWS athlete at the events, whether enduro or downhill. Kasper went on to close the race season with a win at the Big Mountain Enduro in Winter Park, beating Richie Rude in the process. Now part of the Yeti/OneUp EWS team with Jared Graves, Kasper’s pitting at the racers with the Yeti Factory team and getting comfortable with the benefits of race day support. Being young, one might expect Kasper to be all over social media, but he prefers to provide value to his partners through racing, which takes priority over banger video clips. A refreshing perspective, particularly coming from a young athlete. 

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