Katy Winton

But none of those lessons could prepare her for the latest challenge faced at the end of 2020. After a messed-up year, thanks mostly to the world turning on its head, Katy found herself without support to continue her career as a professional E.W.S. athlete. The lessons learned during her prior low were no match for the uncertainty and lack of direction she faced this off-season. Not knowing what lays ahead makes it hard to motivate or set goals for the coming year. Scrambling, Katy had countless conversations with teams and brands but ultimately kept receiving dreaded rejections. Not everything was lost though, and Katy found support from a large brand that believed in her. That belief provided her with the assurance needed to soldier on and sparked a renewed focus for the sort of brands she wants to align with. Katy’s saga, as it’s being referred to, is as muddy as it gets. Timing, status, the global pandemic, and gender each affected the situation. But she's made it through with a renewed energy to get after it and a fire that burns hot.

Om Podcasten

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