Kyle Warner

What actions will inspire someone to make a better life for themselves? Those of our childhood heroes, our friends and parents, or a complete stranger can have a lasting impact but how about a video game? Growing up, Kyle Warner dealt with many daily challenges. As a teenager, he was looking after his clinically depressed mother, they lost their home, and his older brother had a drug addiction. But the video game, Downhill Domination, and Eric Carter’s character in that game sparked something in Kyle. Kyle fell in love with the sport. Once he got a bike, riding became a positive outlet, bringing joy and an escape from the trouble at home. He declared, mountain bikes were going to be his life and set goals to become a professional racer. Now he's shifted his focus from racing to helping others get into the sport. His YouTube channel has grown rapidly and an active community of followers share stories of saved marriages and a new direction in life, just like Kyle discovered when he found bikes.  Kyle's story is one that I’m excited to share. It’s humbling, emotional and left me speechless several times. He’s a great human, genuine, soft-spoken and motivated to help people by spreading the positive impact that bikes can have. Welcome to the latest episode of the NSMB Podcast and our conversation with Kyle Warner. 

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