Specialized 2022 Flat Pedal Shoes with Footwear Product Manager, Stephen Quay

For flat pedal riders after the most grip possible, FiveTen has really been the only option. Year after year, new shoe releases have left us to question, why is it so hard for others to achieve similar grip?  With the release of their new 2FO DH shoes and now the Rime, A.J. Barlas wanted to know more about Specialized’s shoe development process. Did they want all the grip, and if so, why did it take so long? How did they test the sole for grip? And what about their choice of materials? Specialized Footwear Product Manager, Stephen Quay was happy to dive into the new shoes, answering A.J's questions and more. They discussed the development process behind SlipNot ST, the materials used in the uppers, and Specialized’s Body Geometry. It turns out heaps goes into making shoes and the type of rubber needed for grip is tricky to develop.  

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