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Monsters and Marvels Part II: Finding Unicorns

Artists have captured unicorns for thousands of years, and for most of that time people thought they were both magical and real. What can an imaginary creature tell us about ourselves? What did we lose when we stopped believing? And why do we still love them anyway? You can see unicorns in art through the ages in the collection of the Minneapolis Institute of Art, including this tapestry from the late Middle Ages: Thanks to Natalie Lawrence and Marguerite Ragnow for sharing their expertise on this episode. Lawrence is a freelance writer with a PhD from the University of Cambridge on exotic monsters in early modern Europe. She is currently writing a book on the history of monsters. Find her work on her blog ( and her website ( Ragnow is a historian and curator of the James Ford Bell Library ( at the University of Minnesota, a collection about trade and exploration, featuring rare books, maps, and manuscripts. She is working on a book about unicorns.

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Hosted by Tim Gihring, "The Object" podcast explores the surprising, true stories behind museum objects, touching on immigration, race, and other issues. An object's view of us. (Produced by the Minneapolis Institute of Art)