Bonus: Rainn Wilson Fantasy Edition

Guess who’s back for another special edition of the podcast?! The one, the only, Rainn Wilson AKA Dwight K. Schrute AKA manager of “Satan’s Ballerinas”. Brian and Rainn go DEEP (that’s what she said) and talk about everything from fantasy football to zonkeys to Rainn’s alien upbringing. Let your interest pique as these comedians dive deep into life’s biggest questions (which he answers on his podcast Metaphysical Milkshake) … and The Office, of course. Oh, and if you want to skip the football talk, just jump ahead to 11:15. Learn more about your ad-choices at

Om Podcasten

With the success of his hit podcast, An Oral History of The Office, podcast host extraordinaire Brian Baumgartner (AKA Kevin Malone) is taking you even deeper inside the show, releasing his full-length, in-depth conversations with the cast and crew of The Office. Every week, Brian will sit down with one of his old pals and coworkers to talk about their best job ever: The Office. They’ll laugh, cry, and crack plenty of inappropriate jokes as they discuss the inner workings of the show, their favorite moments on set, never-before-told stories and secrets, and what makes the show even more popular today. Fans will get to be the third wheel with their favorite stars as they learn everything they never wanted to know, and then some. If you loved An Oral History of The Office, you’ll double love The Office Deep Dive, featuring full-strength interviews with Steve Carell, John Krasinski, Rainn Wilson, Jenna Fischer, Greg Daniels, and more!