043 - Rise of the Six Figure Lifestyle Entrepreneurs

Rise of the Six Figure Lifestyle Entrepreneurs   'Highly Valuable Highly Leveraged'    Today it gives me the greatest of pleasure to welcome to The Hall of Fame a long-standing Board Member and friend, Mr Josh Keegan.   Josh has been on Property Entrepreneur for seven years within which time, he has not only taken his group of businesses from a small start-up of only 30 rooms to up to 360 units+ but has been able to do this in the most lucrative and leveraged fashion I have seen to date.    Within this interview, you will learn how to start, systemise and scale a business within property whilst, most importantly, having a clear grasp on your finances to ensure the juice is worth the squeeze.   If you are looking to build a highly leveraged, highly lucrative six figure business that delivers consistent and predictable six figure financial returns, this is one Podcast you do not want to miss.   Josh Keegan, you're an absolute gent and welcome to The Official Property Entrepreneur Hall of Fame    #JoshKeegan #UltimateFD #HallOfFame #PropertyEntrepreneur Want to learn more?   If you’ve not already joined the 6,500+ Property Entrepreneurs for FREE in the Property Entrepreneur Facebook Group, click here to join now: The Property Entrepreneurs Community   If you're listening to this podcast but have not yet subscribed, click the subscribe button to listen to what Daniel and other industry leading guests have to say on a weekly basis on all things business, investment property and lifestyle: The Official Property Entrepreneur Podcas‪t    Keep up to date with Daniel’s musings by subscribing on YouTube now : The Official Property Entrepreneur YouTube Channel   Follow Daniel on Social: Instagram: @propertyentrepreneur_  Facebook:  @PropertyEntrepreneurOfficial LinkedIn: @propertyentrepreneur

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Welcome to the Official Property Entrepreneur Podcast with Daniel Hill. On this stripped back podcast we’ll be going behind the scenes with special guests to provide insight and inspiration on all things business, life and the realities of high performance in practice The Property Entrepreneur Podcast has been launched to share the mindset, experience and unique and proven blueprint that have enabled Daniel to build PPN UK one of the UKs Leading Property Groups, win Entrepreneur of the Year in both age categories and break a World Record through his Charity Get up Give Back. Success and failure are both very predictable, we hope you enjoy!