The One: Conversations on Sikh History, Philosophy, and Culture

Episode 16 - 54 Punjabi Proverbs with Jvala Singh

av The One: Conversations on Sikh History, Philosophy, and Culture | Publicerades 12/31/2019

In this episode, Shabd interviews Jvala Singh, about his great research work and translation of Sikh historical texts. Jvala is the creator of Manglacharan which, in his own words,  is a project dedicated to shedding light on the treasure trove of knowledge passed down by our ancestors, which has not yet been translated into English. For the past ten years, Manglacharan has provided translations of passages from important theological and historical texts within the Sikh tradition. They discuss the Suraj Prakash Granth, one of the most important historical Sikh texts, the context for it and how Sikh scholarship has changed through the years. Finally, they talk about Jvala’s new book - “54 Punjabi Proverbs” which contains 54 Punjabi proverbs transliterated and translated into English, and the story behind it.

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