The Stirling Prize and estate demolitions with Siraaj Mitha

Join critic Phin Harper and head of Accelerate Siraaj Mitha to chew through the week's big stories in London's architecture, housing and planning worlds. On the Londown this week, a Cambridge eco-mosque tipped to win the Stirling Prize, the ARB shake-up architectural education, City of London vetoes new skyscraper next to listed synagogue, an alleged ‘unfair’ estate demolition ballot in Tottenham, iconic post-war housing set to be flattened in massive Lambeth redevelopment, and the life and legacy of the late great Owen Luder.Support the Londown and Open City in making London's built environment more open and equitable by donating the equivalent of one flat white a month to the charity so it can keep making the Londown, staging the free Open House Festival and delivering important educational work supporting children and young people from under-represented backgrounds. Go to See for privacy and opt-out information.

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