E36: Improv Leadership with Christina McFadden

Danielle and Kristy talk to Christina McFadden, an experiential facilitator who uses improv to teach leadership. We talk bout the rules of improv and applying them to how you show up as a leader. We do an improve activity related to compliments. Christina challenges Danielle and Kristy to know what delights each other as part of working together. Christina also shares some highlights of her travels. She has been to all 50 US states and 30 countries.

Om Podcasten

A podcast for curious people who know that there is no one right answer for how to live your best life. Finding new ideas about how to improve, and trying them out, is important! Join Danielle McCombs and Kristy Olinger, friends with similar mindsets and different perspectives, as they share the big and small ideas that changed them and test out new things in the ongoing trial and error of life. It’s short, fun, and easy to listen to… and it’s the opposite of small talk.