E39: Psychological Safety With Nils Davis

Danielle and Kristy talk about psychological safety with Nils Davis, an author, trainer, and podcast host in the field of Product Management. We talk about what psychological safety is and why it’s important. Nils provides a series of practical tips to build psychological safety with others. We also talk about how to have psychological safety with yourself and why you might want to stop using self-deprecating humor.

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A podcast for curious people who know that there is no one right answer for how to live your best life. Finding new ideas about how to improve, and trying them out, is important! Join Danielle McCombs and Kristy Olinger, friends with similar mindsets and different perspectives, as they share the big and small ideas that changed them and test out new things in the ongoing trial and error of life. It’s short, fun, and easy to listen to… and it’s the opposite of small talk.