E50: Reflection And Gratitude To Reach New Heights, With Karl Staib

When something negative is weighing you down, your first instinct might not be to show gratitude. But that’s exactly what Karl Staib has found helpful in his life and recommends to clients with his Dig to Fly method. Karl is a speaker and coach that helps people understand their struggles and turn them into stepping stones. We talk about reflection and gratitude, meditation and journaling, and the benefits of an evening routine and managing your thoughts right before bed.

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A podcast for curious people who know that there is no one right answer for how to live your best life. Finding new ideas about how to improve, and trying them out, is important! Join Danielle McCombs and Kristy Olinger, friends with similar mindsets and different perspectives, as they share the big and small ideas that changed them and test out new things in the ongoing trial and error of life. It’s short, fun, and easy to listen to… and it’s the opposite of small talk.