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Episode 078 - $3,442,813 In 90 Days On Shopify! How They Did It

Today on The Optimized Ecommerce Podcast, Tanner Larsson talks about the 6 principles that form the foundation of every 7 and 8 figure Shopify store that BGS has built, partnered, or consulted on.He’ll give real world examples from successful Shopify stores showing each principle in action. And a complete breakdown of what is making each of the core areas work.For show notes or to listen to more episodes, visit our podcast page at, please subscribe and leave a comment or review on YouTube or Apple Podcasts.

Om Podcasten

Optimized Ecommerce is where you learn principles that will stay relevant to your business. Join Tanner Larsson and Matthew Stafford, founders of Build Grow Scale every Wednesday and Learn from the best as we dive into interviews with expert guests who own drop shipping and e-commerce businesses; and case studies of different stores that they operate in B.G.S. so you may see exactly what the leading experts in e-commerce are doing right now and how these lessons work for your business.