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04: Failing Forward

av The Outdoor Evolution Podcast | Publicerades 4/26/2021

In this episode, Darwin and co-host Einstein discuss a challenge many who pursue an adventurous lifestyle deal with, but rarely talk about: failure. We all have expectations going into a thru-hike, bike-tour, or any adventure. When we aren't able to achieve those goals, how can we move forward in a positive direction? If everyone fails, why are we still hesitant to talk about and share our failures with the community?To get early access to episodes, bonus media, and exclusive merch, join The Outdoor Evolution by supporting us on Patreon.Go to www.theoutdoorevolution.com to keep up to date with all of our new articles, reviews, products, and more.Follow us on Instagram @the_outdoor_evolutionEmail us at theoutdoorevolution@gmail.comFollow Einstein on Instagram @youth.retiredRead Einstein's article on Failure here: https://theoutdoorevolution.com/explore-by-foot/2019/10/23/dealing-with-failure

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Outdoor Evolution founder & contributor Darwin Rakestraw is joined by rotating co-hosts on a podcast that seeks to go beyond the usual conversations in the outdoor community. As more people turn to hiking, cycling, van-life and the outdoors - making use of public lands and Mother Nature - the questions we ask ourselves as a community need to move beyond the surface level. The Outdoor Evolution Podcast is all about the current, difficult and important discussions in the outdoor community.