The Outsider Podcast Episode 15!

Hey Outsiders and thank you so much for coming back for episode 15! Listen in as we discuss the end of the tour, a brief bit on the movie, The 12 Days of Christmas, Ben discovers his Apple Music "Wrapped", and "name that song"!  Be sure to like and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts and reach out to us with any questions or discussion topics on Instagram @wearetheinsiders or via email at Thanks!

Om Podcasten

Welcome Outsiders! Thank you for tuning in to The Outsiders Podcast! The show is hosted by Benjamin Padellaro and Lauren McLean and is inspired by the music, love, and lessons from the band NEEDTOBREATHE! We all have a love and connection with the band that runs much deeper than the music, and our goal is to hear from and speak to you all! We will be discussing NEEDTOBREATHE, personal growth, and pretty much anything else we can think of! Come along for the ride and be sure to send us a question or a discussion topic to our email Thank you!