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What Fuck Ups Have You Learned From?

av The Overthinkers | Publicerades 3/29/2021

A slightly more personal than usual episode this week, where Rachel and Shann share some of the things they've fucked in their careers and what they've learned from it. As the self-aware, introspective superstar Rachel is, she did the the honours, while Shann was playing catch up trying to dig out all the wrongs he'd done.

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From big marketing questions to everyday agency life realities, The Overthinkers is a weekly, 20 min conversation between two marketing strategists: Rachel Mercer (@rachelmercer - CXO Proto) and Shann Biglione (@LeShann - Head of Strategy Publicis Media). It is for those who like to (over)think about our industry, with delightful guests occasionally joining Rachel and Shann for extended discussions. Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Soundcloud. Views represented and reflected are individually held and are not representative of Rachel and Shann's (lovely) employers.