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Do Not Comply! with Miko Peled

av The Palestine Pod | Publicerades 4/27/2021

This week we are joined by Israeli-American author, activist, and speaker Miko Peled. Author of The General's Son and Injustice, Miko Peled reflects on his path from growing up the son of an Israeli war general in as "strong of a zionist family as you could possibly have" to becoming an anti-zionist activist for Palestinian rights, and supporter of BDS and the creation of one democratic state with equal rights for all in historic Palestine. Miko dismantles the myth that there can be a liberal zionism concluding "there never was, there never is, and there never can be a good version of a racist ideology" and that "zionism is a form of neo-fascism." The Palestine Pod sends its solidarity to Palestinians in Jerusalem who are currently resisting expulsion from their homes and racist violence by Israelis and Miko refers to the "Judaization of Jerusalem" as "ethnic cleansing 101" and warns that Israel is hell-bent on destroying Jerusalem, an ancient city and its Muslim holy sites. Miko reveals the antisemitic origins of the Zionist movement. Lara commends a recent episode of Miko's podcast which shed light on demonstrated attempts by the zionist lobbies to suffocate Palestinian history by infiltrating the US K-12 educational system and intimidating teachers who dare depart from pro-zionist lesson plans. Miko offers a word of advice to Palestinians in the diaspora who encounter Israeli intelligence at the airport or crossings when trying to visit Palestine.

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