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Alex Webb - Understanding self for future happiness and success TPPP32

av The Parent Practice Podcast | Publicerades 6/26/2020

Alex Webb is an experienced coach and facilitator, working with young people on an individual basis and in teams to become resilient leaders. Alex focuses on behaviour change, self-awareness and the understanding of self. Her belief is that if you understand yourself, you can then understand others, allowing you to adapt your behaviour to improve relationships. Her business is called Flying Start and she has been working with The Princes Trust to help young adults with leadership skills and confidence in their Future Leaders Programme. They help young people understand the future of work and how they can be flexible and thereby  gain confidence. Listen to this episode with Alex if you want to learn: What behaviour preferences are and how being able to make different behavioural choices increases our flexibility -leaving your comfort zone is easier in a safe environment How understanding yourself can help you to understand others How Colour-me profiling (a psychometric tool using colour to show behavioural preferences) can help you understand yourself and how you relate to others, including other members of the family How understanding behaviour preferences of others in the family can help you to realise the value they bring and to cultivate empathy as well as self-compassion How frustrations can arise from similar or different behavioural styles in work colleagues or family members How profiling that focuses on behaviours rather than personality types allows for more adaptability and more choice about how we’re showing up in different contexts About the C-me profiling, how it relates to extroversion/introversion and how it helps people understand their strengths and preferences, but also why an individual might struggle in certain situations, like lockdown! How understanding your child’s behavioural preferences allows you to do bespoke parenting for the children you’ve got How older children understanding their own behavioural preferences, and particularly their ‘native genius’ allows them to make better choices for their academic options and careers Alex shares stories from her own life with her sons that highlight how understanding everybody’s behavioural preferences avoids conflict. She talks about Surprising Uplifting Moments from lockdown and like many parents has loved having time together as a family and to focus on self-care. Family Horrible Histories were a highlight! Alex also shares with us her number one tip for raising children with different needs and different ways of hearing things and understanding things. Alex is offering a webinar for listeners of this podcast. Get in touch via the links below. Links Contact: LinkedIn: AlexWebb(neeSpring) Website: C-Me website C-Me are actually running a family offer at the moment, especially during lockdown, focusing specifically on family dynamics. You can each run a C-Me report based on how you behave at home and then use these to start a conversation about how you have different needs, strengths and focus. The cost is £50 for a family of 4 or £15 each so if you are a family of 5 it will be £65.

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