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Melissa Hood and Elaine Halligan - Helping your children ride the emotional roller coaster TPPP19

av The Parent Practice Podcast | Publicerades 3/27/2020

Every single one of us is dealing with a really challenging situation. Even if we stay well we will be impacted. At one end of the scale we may not be able to get toilet paper and at the other end we may have to close a business and lay off loyal staff. We may have to work from home and look after children at the same time. We may have to juggle care of elderly relatives as well. We may be health workers who are exposed to a much higher degree. All of that will bring with it anxieties and disappointments and frustrations, and perhaps feeling not up to the task. If we’re going to find creative solutions to our problems we need to first address the feelings. This is what we need to teach our children to do and we have to model it ourselves too. We know that when people try to suppress feelings their emotions are still occupying space in the brain. Research shows that naming the feelings helps it to dissipate. We also know that our brain needs to satisfy basic feelings of safety before it can even move on to higher order emotions, let alone rational thought and our sense of security is threatened at the moment. Listen to this episode if you want to learn: How to help children deal with feelings How to manage our own feelings of disappointment, frustration, anxiety, overwhelm and guilt and lack of agency, starting with acknowledgement of those emotions Why it doesn’t work to deny, dismiss, minimise or suppress feelings About the thinking/feeling eggs which are a visual metaphor for how the brain can be taken over by emotions, not leaving much space for rationality, creativity and problem-solving About the role that temperament can play in your child’s propensity for anxiety How to use an Extraordinary Family Meeting to air feelings and discuss how to deal with them About stress-busting tools that your family can use Some tips for managing learning at home, including taking a reality check about what’s possible in these times of rapid change In this time of difficulty we need to celebrate the surprising uplifting moments (SUMs) we come across so we need to point out to our children things like the improvement in the environment including the return of wildlife to the canals of Venice and the fact that some countries are emerging from this crisis and people are starting to get better. Please let us know what topics you’d like us to cover on this podcast by emailing If this is the right time for you to access positive parenting support do take advantage of our special offer on our Positive Parenting Academy which is available until April 30th.  For the next 12 weeks we are offering weekly live support and ongoing FB support in a private group-so if you are looking for a likeminded community, support from both of us and life time access to our accredited 10 module parenting course then check it out. The link is below. Links: Our blogs Positive Parenting Academy

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