Plebs PMQs #13 (with Lindsay Hoyle)

Once again, Parody Boris is joined in the House of Commons by Speaker Lindsay Hoyle, to answer all your questions. Subjects this week range from Freedom Day and relaxing the Covid rules to George Galloway, giant flags, the England football team and being a bumbling buffoon.---👋 Please consider supporting this show on Patreon for ad-free episodes, early access, shout-outs and tonnes of bonus content! Any donation really does help. ❓ Have a question for Parody Boris Johnson and Plebs PMQs? Leave us a voice note on Speakpipe.🎧 Remember to hit "Subscribe" or "Follow" and leave a nice 5* review.✉️ Looking to sponsor the show, get in touch, or just have a natter? you to our Patrons: MM Andrew Smith Nicholas Fisher Robert Bishop Simon Jenkins Jason Pritchard andrew woodall Zoe Smith Jonathan Williams  Alistair McCreath Jon Platt banj jackson Diana Louisadora Milton Yates Anish Patel Miroslav Papic Support Parody Boris Johnson via Patreon Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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