The Performance Psychcast - Episode 7 - Psychological Impact of Injury

Welcome to The Performance Psychcast! Jodine Williams is our guest today on The Performance Psychcast! We explore the psychological impact and support of injury. In this conversation, we talk about the normalisation of emotions whilst going through the injury phase, how best to help athletes cope with an injury and discuss real practical strategies and techniques which athletes and sport psychologists can use! 

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Welcome to our podcast around the mental side of performance, both in sport and business. Your hosts are Greg Parry from Arcope and George Mitchell from FocusPerform. Here we will speak to a variety of guests such as sportspeople, sports psychologists, members of the army, businesspeople, so basically anywhere where psychology can be applied to mental health and performance. We are hoping to shed a light on what it is like to work in performance psychology and how it can be applied to the individual and the real world.