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Motivation is 2020

av The Performer's Pathway | Publicerades 3/8/2020

Put your music career back on track, find your inspiration and get to the next level!

Are you having problems getting or staying motivated? Do you feel stagnant with your playing and/or music career? Are there external responsibilities or pressures that are inhibiting your creativity and limiting the time you can dedicate to your craft?

Life is often difficult and the music business can be draining, but it's important to stay focused and keep chipping away at your goals. If you want to make strides with your career, you must stick to the plan and avoid the trap of procrastination. Join Adam Small and Jake Moses from My Music Masterclass as they discuss how to get your drive, motivation and musical passion back so you can move in the right direction.

Om Podcasten

The Performer's Pathway is an episodic podcast by Adam Small and Jake Moses (from My Music Masterclass) on building a thriving music career. The main focus of this show is to help musicians get out of the practice room and utilize their skills and talents in the real world. Adam brings 20+ years of music industry experience to the table as a professional bassist, film/TV composer and producer; in addition, he has spent time as a music consultant and lecturer, helping artists find their path. Jake is a professional guitarist and pianist currently residing in Los Angeles and he provides a working musician’s perspective and vital insight to the podcast. Besides our hosts, there will be frequent guest appearances including acclaimed musicians, industry insiders, health professionals and much more. This show is a must-listen for any musician who wants professional fulfillment, better gigs and a flourishing career in the music business.