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Beyond Strategy: the Keys to Being Seen, Heard and Paid

av The Personal Branding Project | Publicerades 11/23/2020

There's no questioning that personal branding strategy, content strategy, social media strategy, BUSINESS strategy... all are crucial.But what happens when you have a strategy and it's not giving you the results you expected?This year has been a fascinating one for me, observing both my own journey and those of my clients to see what it really takes to build a profitable personal brand. And while strategy was a given, it turned out there was something just as important, but often overlooked.Turns out that for each pillar of my In-Demand Brand Blueprint (Get Clear, Get Seen, Get Heard, Get Paid, Repeat)  there is an element that if, when missing, can sabotage the strategy and therefore the results.So in today's episode, I'm breaking down exactly what that element is so you can - hopefully - identify if and where it's affecting you.⚡️⁠ FREE PERSONAL BRANDING QUIZ: WHAT'S YOUR EXPERT STATUS?💡 GRAB A FREE COPY OF THE IN-DEMAND BRAND BLUEPRINT Want my eyes and ears on YOUR brand strategy so you can get the foundations laid for my 5 pillars? Check out my Lighting in a Bottle Sessions here.CONNECT WITH MEInstagram: @iamkatelizabethFacebook: @iamkatelizabethYouTube: KatElizabethWebsite:

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What is personal branding? Who needs a personal brand? How do I build a personal brand? What if I’m multi-passionate or not even sure what I want to do yet? From writing your brand story to choosing a hero platform, getting over imposter syndrome and turning strangers into superfans… Welcome to The Personal Branding Project where you’re going to learn about why building a brand requires more than a perfect Instagram feed or a pretty website. Hosted by Kat Elizabeth, brand strategist, actor, freelance copywriter, YouTuber and personal branding coach, Kat is living proof that you can create a life and career around doing #allthethings you love. And now that she's figured out how to make it work for herself, she's here to give you the framework, resources, advice and occasional dose of tough love you need to make your own dream life a reality.