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The Plant Based Podcast S4 Episode Twelve - Gardening in the American heat with Lynn Ferguson!

Lynn Ferguson brings some LA sunshine to the Plant Based Podcast this week as she sits down with Michael and Ellen to chat all things hay bales, chickens and the challenges of growing vegetables in the American climate. In part one, Lynn - a performer, comedy writer and actress – reflects on the highlights of her career and, in part two, shares her vegetable growing journey and how hay bale leftovers from a party became an aid for growing her cucumber, rocket, egg plants and more.

Om Podcasten

More people than ever are appreciating the importance of plants in our day to day lives. Whether it's a plant-based diet, clothes made from plants, the wellbeing qualities of plants, or simply a fun shelf of cacti and succulents! The Plant Based Podcast is about anything that can be traced back to plants… with subjects ranging from foraging for medicinal plants and baking with edible flowers, to plant-based body builders and clothes made from bamboo... This is not just another gardening podcast.. this is The Plant Based Podcast!