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Episode Five: Chris, aka The Vegan Zombie

av The Plant Sumo Podcast | Publicerades 10/9/2020

Hey everyone, it's Rachael again back with another episode of the Plant Sumo Podcast.   Today's guest is Chris Cooney, aka The Vegan Zombie, one of the earliest vegan YouTubers (around in the age of Charlie Bit My Finger!!) who began by creating a vegan cooking show set in the zombie apocalypse!!  😱☠️ Since then his channel has continued to grow and evolve, amassing an audience of dedicated fans. He does videos, reviews, podcasts and speeches all connected to living a plant-based lifestyle, and is someone who through his veganism has had a powerful personal and professional journey I'm excited to share with you.   I was a bit of a zombie doing this (as it was 9 am in my time zone) but thoroughly enjoyed every second. Go Check out Chris's channel here on YouTube at and visit his Instagram at to see more of his creative and exciting content and get to know his story even better.

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