The Podcasting Party

Everything you Need to Know about Guest Interviews: Before, During, & After

av The Podcasting Party | Publicerades 3/9/2020

Guest interviews are a great way to grow your audience, and they are a blast! I love connecting with guests and sharing their story & message with my audience. It’s a win-win! But the process of reaching out to guests, scheduling them, and then preparing for the interview can be a bit overwhelming, especially when just starting out. So today I thought we would tackle this topic, and break it down into three phases: Before, during, and after the interview. 

Om Podcasten

Are you wanting to start a podcast but are overwhelmed by the amount of information about podcasting? Are you confused by all the technical language, and technology? Are you frustrated by how expensive equipment and the costs associated with podcasting can be? Or do you have a podcast? Are you stressed out trying to create content, record, edit, and upload your episodes each week? Are you frustrated by the lack of growth you see even with all your hard work and dedication? Are you burnt out and ready to quit? Then you’re in the right place. The Podcasting Party is a podcast for podcasters about podcasting. As a podcast coach, I have seen a huge theme emerge with the women I coach: potential podcasters believe in the message they want to share through their podcast but they lack the confidence in themselves when it comes to learning the technology and starting their podcast. They spend months trying to figure it out, google their way through, and by the time they make it to me, they are stressed out, overwhelmed, and frustrated. Beginner podcasters come to me burnt out and ready to throw in the towel. The message they once believed in is now dwarfed by the overwhelm and frustration they feel having to produce a show each week. I’m on a mission to help potential and current podcasters take the stress, overwhelm, and frustration out of podcasting. I believe that podcasting one big party, and you’re invited. Come join me and let’s put the party back into podcasting!