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Strange Loop Founder Alex Miller on Distributed Systems & Community

av The Prepare.ai Podcast | Publicerades 5/12/2021

Alex Miller is the creator of the annual Strange Loop Conference, an interdisciplinary software conference in St. Louis, MO that brings together developers doing leading-edge applied computer science in areas such as emerging languages, nosql data storage, mobile, web, concurrency, and distributed systems. He’s also the creator of the Clojure/West and Lambda Jam conferences, Lambda Lounge user group (for the study of functional and dynamic programming languages) and the Clojure Lunch Club. Alex has a strong theoretical computer science background with focuses in computational complexity and artificial intelligence, and has worked across the software and product lifecycle during his two-decade career, spending most of his time in Java and now in Clojure. SHOW NOTESStrange Loop Conference    Clojure LanguageCognitectNubank Douglas Hoofstader books  (Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid and I am a Strange Loop) Train to Busan“Simple Made Easy” talk, Rich Hickey, Strange Loop 2011Project AlloyCity MuseumITENThe World’s Fastest Indian 

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