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176-Privacy Crash Course 03: Mobile Devices

av The Privacy, Security, & OSINT Show | Publicerades 6/26/2020

This week I continue the privacy crash course with a detailed discussion about mobile devices. If you apply only one privacy strategy from this entire show toward your own daily habits, this should be it. Support for this show comes directly from my new book Extreme Privacy-Second Edition. More details can be found at Listen to ALL episodes at SHOW NOTES: INTRO: Mobile Device Scenario PRIVACY CRASH COURSE 03: MOBILE DEVICES Concerns Hardware Apple: iPhone SE (New version) Android: Pixel 3a ( LineageOS: GrapheneOS: Apple/Google Accounts Service Mint: Settings Apps Lockdown Firewall: NetGuard Firewall: Firefox Focus: Camera Stickers: Mic Blocker (3.5mm): Mic Blocker (Lightening): VOIP MySudo: Linphone: Twilio: Faraday Bags: Challenges Extreme Privacy 2nd Edition: CONTACT THE SHOW: privacy.podcast ~ protonmail ~ com Data Removal Workbook: Affiliate Links (products we use): VPN Considerations: ProtonMail: ProtonVPN: PIA VPN: Silent Pocket: Fastmail: Amazon (Extreme Privacy Book):

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