S4E76: How to Sustainably Implement 4D Planning with Kristina Henkai

In this episode, Dale and Val speak to Kristina Henkai about "How to sustainably implement 4D planning". 4D planning has been around for some time yet it has had a slow uptake. Kristina demystifies and explains how 4D planning is a logical choice for many project professionals. Sit back and take in Kristina's insight as she shares her experiences in this episode.  Kristina's Bio  Kristina has a decade of experience managing project data and teams on complex and large-scale ($500 million+) projects. Kristina, who supported 4D planning and digital practices at Bechtel, led the effort to develop a company-wide implementation guide that will be utilized on future projects as the standard for 4D planning and implementation. Kristina continues to cultivate her passion to transform the construction industry through knowledge sharing and sustainable implementations. She takes a people-focused approach to help make digital construction and 4D easily consumable for all.  Proudly sponsored by: JustDo.com PlanAcademy.com InEight.com  --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/project-chatter-podcast/message

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