S4E81: A deep dive into Change Management with Tim Creasey

In this week’s pod, Dale and Val were joined by Tim Creasey for a deep dive into Change Management & Project Management. Marco Frisenda joins us as a guest host. Tim Creasey is Prosci’s Chief Innovation Officer and a globally recognised leader in change management. His work forms the foundation of the largest body of knowledge in the world on managing the people side of change to deliver organizational results. The main topics we discussed on the podcast were as follows: Change management is how we prepare, equip and support our people through organisational change The main reason for the failure of Change Programmes is due to no one being able to articulate why the change is required Certain words instil fear in staff e.g. Transformation. Businesses need to be careful with the language they use in change programmes Prosci (pro-sigh) is short for Professional Science Projects that tend to focus on the people side of change tend to be more successful There are some factors that constitute effective change management on a project: Active sponsor participation   Middle manager engagement Open and honest communications   Intentional and structured approach If there is no one responsible for a task in a change management Programme, it is likely to fail Key question - What % of project outcomes is dependent on people changing how they do their jobs? Change projects tend to fare better when it is easy to articulate why the change is required The pandemic has shown businesses can change quickly if forced to e.g. moving to remote working within days Change management level is often based on adoption challenges There has been a large increase in the number of Change Management roles within organisations in the last few years, particularly in Australia. Most will sit within a Project Management Office ADKAR - (Awareness of need to change, Desire to want to change, Knowledge, Ability, Reinforcement) Beckhard-Harris equation: Dissatisfaction with current state x Vision of what is possible at the end of journey x First steps. Needs to be > current state Here are links to some of the topics that were discussed: Prosci Talks - Back to the Basics | Prosci Tim Talks - YouTube Prosci Project Change Triangle - Prosci Change Triangle (PCT) Model Overview Prosci 3 Phase Process Prosci 3-Phase Process Prosci Integrating Change Management and Project Management Integrating Change Management and Project Management (prosci.com) Prosci - ADKAR Model - The Prosci ADKAR® Model | Prosci Beckhard-Harris Change Equation Proudly Sponsored by:  PlanAcademy.com JustDo.com InEight.com --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/project-chatter-podcast/message

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