Episode #109 The Puppy Blues

This past week, someone asked me about the puppy blues. They recently brought home a new puppy and are feeling overwhelmed, tired and concerned if they made the right choice to bring a dog into their life. They had the “What have I done?” feeling happening and wanted to know what to do next? Do these blues go away? If so, how long does it take? How can I change this and get back to the me I used to know? I thought owning a dog was supposed to help me emotionally, but all I feel is stress. I know this person is not alone in their feelings - it is common for someone to get a puppy, be super excited about it and then a few days or weeks into feel the puppy blues. Yes puppies are cute, funny and do offer emotional support, they are also a lot of work, especially in the beginning, which can leave one feeling tired, stressed and or overwhelmed. Your responsibilities have increased and it seems your personal freedom has decreased. This absolutely can lead to some less than happy feelings towards your new bundle of fluff! So let’s talk about the puppy blues today! Can you relate? Support the show

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Amy Jensen is a professional puppy trainer, service dog trainer and creator of Baxter & Bella's Puppy Prep - The Online Puppy School. She spends her free time training dogs to be calm, well-mannered household members as well as service & therapy dogs. After receiving many requests to train dogs for people, Amy decided to roll out a comprehensive how-to online training program to help you train your own dog. On this podcast, she shares training tips aimed at helping you be successful on your own puppy training journey.#baxterandbellapuppytraining #puppyprep #theonlinepuppyschool